Bang & Olufsen Design And Innovation

Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen began a modest production of radios in 1925 from the attic of the Olufsen house in northwest Denmark. The dream was to create a brand built on innovation, quality, design and performance. As one of the world’s most iconic audio-visual brands, Bang & Olufsen has been leading the way in [...]

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Who Does And What Is Marketing

Beside knowing well what is market and how market works, the other marketing basic of two M are who does it, and what is marketed. Who Markets? A marketer is someone who seeks a response attention, a purchase, a vote, a donation—from another party, called the prospect. If two parties are seeking to sell something to each other, [...]

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Bake&TAKE Scalable Franchise

Bake & TAKE is another famous brand company that offer franchisee opportunities. Are you looking for a scalable franchise that sells hundreds of products people want daily, regardless of the economic climate? Whether you own a business or you have a desire to realise your dreams, bake&Take is a company you have to concern. bake&TAKE [...]

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Ableworld Franchisee Opportunities

Since 2008, Ableworld becomes the country’s largest specialist mobility retailer that offered franchisee opportunities of its trusted brand and proven model as a franchise business. ableworld mobility superstore Ableworld company and its franchisees are capitalising on the unprecedented growth in the number of elderly people in the UK. The market for mobility equipment is buoyant and growing. For example, take the number of [...]

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SUBWAY Attractive Alternative Business

Starting own business and then becoming own boss is the most people dream. But the common fact, they have yet to take the plunge. The New Year is one of the best times to start a new career. Known as the ‘fresh start effect’, tying a career goal to a temporal landmark makes you much [...]

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Double M – The Basic You Should Know

To be a marketer, you need to know the Double M well, Marketing and Marketed. Understanding what marketing is, how it works, who does it, and what is marketed. Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. One of the shortest good definitions of marketing is meeting needs profitably. When Google recognized that people needed [...]

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Monitoring Customers And Competitors Is The Key

Finance, operations, accounting, and other business functions won’t really matter without sufficient demand for products and services so the firm can make a profit. In other words, there must be a top line for there to be a bottom line. Thus, financial success often depends on marketing ability. Marketing’s value extends to society as a [...]

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