Since 2008, Ableworld becomes the country’s largest specialist mobility retailer that offered franchisee opportunities of its trusted brand and proven model as a franchise business.

ableworld mobility superstore franchisee opportunities

ableworld mobility superstore

Ableworld company and its franchisees are capitalising on the unprecedented growth in the number of elderly people in the UK. The market for mobility equipment is buoyant and growing. For example, take the number of people aged 65 and over – currently 11 million and set to rise by 50 per cent in the next 20 years.

Take the number of people with a disability in the UK. At 9.4 million, this is approximately 18 per cent of the population. Or consider the fact 750,000 people will retire in the next 12 months. What do these numbers mean? To Ableworld, they represent the potential that exists in this fast growing sector.

As the population ages and people live longer, the need for products to help with mobility or illness increases. Products such as stairlifts, rise-andrecline chairs, mobility scooters and a host of smaller aids to help people live more comfortable and active lives.

ableworld mobility superstore

ableworld franchisee opportunities

Paul Boniface, Ableworld’s franchise director, says: “We see franchising as our main engine of growth. By the time we reach our medium term goal of 60-70 retail outlets, at least 70 per cent will be franchisee owned.”